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  • First and only real-time draft & trading system
  • First pull-it & grade-it BGS submission
  • Great member community & active forum
Live from LA- Panini RC Photo Shoot Breaks! Early Preview Legacy FB On Sale Thursday 5/16 @ Noon EST!! DO NOT MISS OUT ON THESE BREAKS in LA!!! Rack up UBB Reward Points with each draft pick you have!! Submit your cards to BGS the Easy Way through UltimateBoxBreaks.com!
1 7 3 0 9 boxes broken & counting

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Purchase spots to get in on the action. If you buy multiple spots for a box, you get multiple draft picks.

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With the live draft and trading, you control the outcome and get the teams at the top of your list.

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Get together with other members on the site and trade teams before the break.

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All breaks are recored live and posted to youtube for review at any time.

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